06: NORCO Linger & Die Entry Form 2018





20/9/18: online entries now closed. Please Enter on the Day, Ferris Road Brewery, 7 Ngapara St, Alexandra.

Please remember: that to enjoy the double deal AND/OR online entry rates you must also pay online (or we receive payment) BEFORE the online entry cutoff date (Wednesday 12/9/2017 @ 6pm). We prefer direct deposit, easy for you & easy for us!

If entry money received after this date/time you can pay on the day but it will be the ‘On the Day Entry ‘ rate, and no ‘Double Deal’ discount can apply. That would be a ‘sad-face’ moment for you… we don’t want that.

When entering online: please pay as close to the entry time as possible. It makes keeping entry things tidy and acknowledging your payment so much easier! This will help reduce us chasing you for payment and you chasing us to ask if your payment has been received.