03: L&D: SRAM : Enduro Info :: Sun 16/9/2018

Please remember: that to enjoy the double deal AND/OR online entry rates you must also pay online (or we receive payment) BEFORE the online entry cutoff date (Wednesday 12/9/2017 @ 6pm). We prefer direct deposit, easy for you & easy for us!
When entering, please pay as close to the entry time as possible. It makes keeping entry things tidy and acknowledging your payment so much easier! This will help reduce us chasing you for payment and you chasing us to ask if your payment has been received.

If entry money received after this date/time you can pay on the day but it will be the ‘On the Day Entry ‘ rate, and no ‘Double Deal’ discount can apply. That would be a ‘sad-face’ moment for you… we don’t want that.

SRAM Enduro Race:

There is an entry limit of 200. So get in quick and you will be allocated a wave start time depending on category. This should reduce congestion around the course and we’ll allocate wave start times at registration (Monteith’s Brewery Bar, 9am) We anticipate 3-4 waves, at about 5-10 minute intervals…
The SRAM Enduro Features multiple stages, more details soon but 2016 details left up for your interest only. Trails to be used will feature some new stuff and some old stuff… keep in touch here for course details as they are sorted.

Minimum Age: The Under 17 DH Grade/Class is intended for Year9 age (High School) and up to 17yrs. The course is a full-on senior course with large technical rock drops, technical jumps, technical trees and technical speed. Not really primary school level, BUT if little Johnny really wants to enduro, call Phil to discuss…

9:00am sign-on at Monteiths, Alexandra. 9.45 briefing, 10am start…
Day entries only if P-Cards are available
Check Facebook for info on the day…

Remember: Long finger gloves and knee-pads compulsory!
A riding helmet must be worn at all times, full-face helmets are optional (and highly recommended) You really ought to wear a full face. The terrain is very gnarly and will hurt you if you bin it.
Same bike for the whole race, take enough food, drink and spares to keep you going alllll day. No outside help except tech station. You have 5 hours to complete the course from your start time i.e.: 9:45am start => 2:45pm finish. We expect everyone to have finished by approx 3:30pm.
You will be carrying SportIdent RFID cards on your right wrist and we use SportIdent Section Start & Finish RFID Controls for this events timing. Most are familiar with these but we’ll give a quick demo at briefing anyway.

Little Valley Rd will be CLOSED for a Car Bent/Sprint on 16/9/18. There will be limited access for spectators under the Car Clubs Marshall’s direction.

On the day entries? (Only if available) from 9am and will be $10 extra (please enter/pay online) All at Monteith’s in Alexandra (coffee available)
Race Briefing 9:45am again at Monteith’s, and Start: 10:00am and we may seed you at briefing.
Event start/finish and prize-giving venue at  Monteith’s Brewery Bar. Please park in Shannon St for all day parking. Down by SuperLiquor/playground area.
Liaison starts from Monteith’s Brewery Bar, head to the ShakyBridge, head up hill behind Vineyard to Rock-garden trail & a short, steep walk up Anthrax hill to start of.

Prizegiving: At Monteiths Bar opposite the iSite in Alexandra’s main drag. BBQ available, bar meals and beer! Prizegiving will commence as soon as possible, we are hoping for approx 3:30pm (ish).

Enter here.


OLD Course for Information Only, this is the 2016 course.
2018 course is being worked on now.

Stage 1 (Hazard County)
New trail short, sweet n rocky. Approx 2 minutes of rocky wonderland! then short steep liaison to…
Stage 2 (Dr. Strangeloves)
A longer stage (6+ minutes) so be careful out there this stage has a lot of exposure, is very narrow at the top and the lower section is like a dry riverbed/waterfall so things come at you pretty fast, much funner. This classic finishes bottom of Graveyard Gulch. Next liaison head up the Shit track to double gates (Water available here) as marked…
Stage 3 (On The Rocks)
Short 3+ minutes… On the Rocks see you drop down a short technical gully stage finishing back down in the Shit track, liase back up to double gates (Water available here) as marked heading to…
Stage 4 (Supercharger)
Mid length 3-4 minutes… On Carters Face, (near previously used TT Trail) starts fast across paddock then tightens into rocky declines of a single track nature, more rock… down to the Old Willow, finish here. Head to the cattle stop on Little Valley Road for a feed station and fuel up there for…
Stage 5 (Panhead)
Longer 5+ minutes… Liaison up willow track to start of this new trail. Start at the gate and follow markers down, watch for loose sniper rocks, but plenty of line choices here everywhere, sneaky little huck near the end, watch for it! Ends on the green grass, then liaison back to feed station via the rockery, you’ll push/carry here but nearing the end now…
Stage 6 (Ressurection)
Longer 6++ minutes… From feed station, head to the skyline for the final run down this old favourite, fence crossing midway, look forward to the infamous Lemming Rock, then down, down and pedal the gentle rock garden to finish below the clock.
Stage 7 is New… it’s the finish at Monteith’s for prizegiving! See you there…