03: L&D: SRAM Enduro Info :: Sun 19/9/2021

When entering, please pay (online if possible) when entering. It makes keeping entry things tidy and acknowledging your payment so much easier!
NOTE: Your online entry is not confirmed until you have paid in full online and received a confirmation from us. 

Entry fees: online: $100, on the day $110. This includes the Matangi Bike Park fee.

Entry Form Here. (15/9/21: all entris closed off now. 18/8/21: On Hold For Covid Lockdown)

Map of Stages here.

Enduro Race:
There is an entry limit of 200. So get in quick and you will be allocated a wave/start time depending on category on the day. This should reduce congestion around the course and we’ll allocate wave start times at registration (Monteith’s Brewery Bar, 9am) We anticipate 3-4 waves, at about 5-10 minute intervals…
The Enduro Features 6 stages. Course details will be released & marked from Thursday evening  16/9/2021 and THEN you can practice your handlebars off. This is to let the course be nice and fresh for EVERYONE, (not just the locals;-)

Minimum Age: The Under 17 Enduro Grade/Class is intended for Year 9 age (High School) and up to 17yrs. The course is a full-on senior course with large technical rock drops, technical jumps, technical trees and technical speed. Not really primary school level.

Issues, queries, questions & other stuff not covered in this site please call Phil on 021 456 918 or email: info@altitudebikes.co.nz (just make sure you’ve read everything first, eh!)

9:00am sign-on at Monteiths, Alexandra. 9.45 briefing, 10am start…
Day entries only if P-Cards are available
! Check Facebook for info on the day…

Remember: Full-face helmet, long finger gloves and knee-pads compulsory & mandatory!
A riding helmet must be worn at all times, full-face helmets are compulsory on timed downhill stages.
The last couple of years we have seen enough blood to make this compulsory and are sure that all riders will be on-board with this. The terrain is truly gnarly and will hurt you if you bin it.

Same bike for the whole race, take enough food, drink and spares to keep you going all the live long day. No outside help except tech station. There will be water, fruit & lollies (?!) etc at the tech station (no charge) and some tools along with limited tubes/spares (available at a cost.)

You have 5 hours to complete the course from your start time i.e.: 10am start => 3pm finish. We expect everyone to have finished by approx 3:45pm.
Timekeeping: You will be carrying SportIdent RFID P-Cards on your right wrist and we use SportIdent Section Start & Finish RFID Controls for this events timing. Most are familiar with these but we’ll give a quick demo at briefing anyway.

Please, please, please remember to come and have your P-Card read as soon as you have finished the last stage. Please don’t go and having a shower/snack/extra run/whatever. Get your card read and then you can rehydrate/shower/party/bleed… whatever!