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Welcome to the Linger & Die Series 2021

19/5/21: Results for the Enduro are up here. Congrats to all winners, commiserations to the also-rans. And a big get well soon to the wounded.

The BIG spot prize of the SRAM AXS shifter? Winner was number (drum roll please…) 122, Logan Cunningham of Timaru.

18/9/21: So many masks, so many dogs and so many racers! Great day, cool beginning with cherry farm frost fighting in progress, but turned out mint. Rain through the week saw the track in good nick and only one minor injury (a bent ankle!) so all good from Phil’s perspective! Downhill results here: 04: L&D: Results History at the top of the page as a pdf. Thanks to all the helpers/drivers/first aid, time-keepers, admin and dogsbodies… and most of all YOU guys for entering and racing!

Enduro Riders: Please please do not forget your entry number and p-card if you picked up at the DH. Please also check your wav time (see below) and make sure you know when to be where you are supposed to be.

Enduro course maps here.

So here’s the Linger & Die COVID Event Plan Phil has been working on:

Hi Everyone,
I was so looking forward to a normal SRAM Linger and Die 2021, it was a close call but we are still proceeding in level 2 with next weekends MAXXIS Linger and Die race series but there will be some special conditions to make it happen, so please respect these.
I would like to thank the sponsors for helping support this event over the last few trying years, and hope you can support these guys in the future. Hopefully next year we will see the end of this Covid thing.

CJ Suspension/ G-Form  Linger and Die DH Saturday 18th September

Rego starts from 9.00am there will be NO on the day entry‚Äôs sorry we are FULL, Everyone  must scan it at rego desk with there Covid tracer app.
Practice shuttle from 10.00am till approx.12.00 Lunch break then after lunch seeding run then Race run.
If you are also doing the Enduro the next day you can collect you timing cards & race plates from Joe at DH event, but please check your wave start times (see below) for Sundays race.
You will all be required to wear a facemask while shuttling up the hill in the vehicles only, so please bring one I’m sure you all have one as its a part of life as we know it now.
In the event village just try and keep an eye on your distancing I know its going to be tough one but I’m sure you will do your best.
As for spectators yes come along but please try and stay away from the main event area as much as possible as you could blow our 100 person bubble, but there is  plenty of open space up the hill to watch make some noise and heckle from.
There will be a Coffee/waffle cart selling sweet /savoury Belgium waffles & hot drinks as normal, But NO lunch BBQ as in previous years, so bring your own lunches/food please if need be.
Yes we will be having a prize giving at the event venue as normal at the finish area but again watch your distancing please and spread out, Thanks, PhilO

SRAM Linger and Die Enduro Sunday 19th September

Maps for all stages are up on the Enduro page here.

So with the Enduro sold out weeks ago and with such large race entries we did not envisage being in level 2 once again! (Bugger) So have had to make the decision to stagger the starts into 3 waves of approx. 80 competitors, to avoid blowing our Bubble of 100 outdoors.
There will be a 2 x Aid station tents set up at double gates, just try and keep an eye on numbers and your distancing I know its going to be tough one but I’m sure you will do your best with the 2 tents/aid station  areas available.
Below are the wave categories and times, Please start in your waves and do the stage in the order you are given. Please respect that we have gone to considerable trouble to make this event work and for the sponsors as well, Thanks.
Everyone must scan in at rego Monteiths with their Covid Tracer app before entering race event area.

After the last Stage 6 (the finish stage), please proceed directly to Henderson Cycles Shop in Centennial Ave and hand over you timing card. DO NOT go and shower/do another run/have a beer or two/catch up with mates… get your times scanned in asap and you will receive a print out of your times etc.
Unfortunately we cannot have  prize-giving at Monteiths with the number of Competitors in one place, sorry.
You are then free to go and have a beer within your bubble at Monteiths Alexandra  or Ferris Rd Brewery or party in the park, so long as less that 100 outdoors.
Once we have all the timing complete (last rider is in) we’ll post results on FB & web page and if you are still celebrating or commiserating, placegetters can come down to Henderson cycles and collect trophies & prizes.

Enduro Wave 1:

All Male/Female- M2-M3-E-bike categories, rego start 9.00 am, followed by quick briefing and depart 9.25 am,  you will go up shit track /pass the aid station tents to Carters Face: starting on Stage’s 3-4-5-1-2-6 

Enduro Wave 2:

All Male/Female-JNR-Open/Senior categories, rego starts 9.30 am, followed by quick briefing and depart 9.55 am, you will go up Rock Garden/Round Up to Start on Stage 1-2-3-4-5-6

Enduro Wave 3:

All Male-Female-U17-M1,  rego starts 10.00 am, followed by quick briefing and depart 10.30 am, you will go up Rock Garden/Round Up to Start on Stage 1-2-3-4-5-6

So that’s it. Follow the above and all should be ok! Thanks for your patience!

We are now in the 26th year of Linger & Die MtBiking.
Event Dates here: DH on Sat the 18/9/21 :: Enduro on the 19/9/2021.

Entry page has been stopped for the Covid Lockdown. We’ll keep you updated here and FB.
The DH/Enduro online entry cutoff date will be Wednesday 15/9/2021 @ 9pm, unless full earlier.

If you want have your name added to the waitlist, then email (only email please) Phil your name and age what enduro class you are keen on (philaltitude@gmail.com)

When entering, please pay when you enter. It makes keeping entry things tidy and acknowledging your payment so much easier!
NOTE: Your online entry is not confirmed until you have paid in full online and received a confirmation from us.

The CJ Suspension G-Form DH date is Sat Sept 18th and based at the usual Clyde/Hawksburn Rd venue.
SRAM Enduro is next day Sun Sept 19th with Sign-on at Monteiths Bar in Alexandra’s Centennial Ave. We’ll be using the new Matangi Bike Park for this event, yahoo

1/ Check the event pages (DH & Enduro) for more info on each of the Linger & Die Series events.
2/ Enduro entries will be capped so be quick, remember linger and die!
3/ Disclaimer for U17, do not forget to do this on the day at registration sign on.
4/ Food Available! TBA.

Issues, queries, questions and all other stuff not covered in this site,
please call Phil on 021 456 918 or email: info@altitudebikes.co.nz
(just make sure you’ve read everything first, eh!)